Varanasi’s Tiranga Barfi: A Taste of India’s Liberation Movement, Now GI Tagged

Varanasi’s Tiranga Barfi, a cherished dessert intertwined with India’s struggle for independence, has recently been granted a Geographical Indication (GI) tag, solidifying its unique position in the archives of food heritage.

This recognition not only celebrates the delectable flavours of the barfi but also acknowledges its historical significance as a symbol of struggle and patriotism. The story of Tiranga Barfi dates back to the 1940s when Mr. Madan Gopal Gupta, the creative mind behind Ram Bhandar sweet store in Varanasi, devised this special sweet. It wasn’t just a culinary creation; it served a deeper purpose during India’s fight against British colonial rule. He along with other like-minded individuals, made Tiranga Barfi as a means of facilitating revolutionary meetings and secret exchanges of information among freedom fighters.

At a time when the display of the Indian tricolour was strictly prohibited by the British authorities, Tiranga Barfi emerged as a silent protest. Its colours, precisely replicated by using natural ingredients like saffron, pistachio, khoya, and cashew nuts, mirrored those of the Indian flag without relying on artificial dyes. This subtle defiance didn’t go unnoticed; the British were often taken aback by the barfi’s resemblance to the banned flag.

Tiranga Barfi was more than simply a symbol; it was an instrument for raising awareness and building solidarity. It was widely distributed to the public and functioned as an inspiration for gathering support against British oppression. Its importance extended beyond its delectable flavour, becoming a beacon of hope and perseverance for the people of India during one of its most trying times.

Tiranga Barfi has just been granted the GI status, joining the ranks of other renowned Varanasi specialties that showcase the region’s rich culinary tradition.

This accreditation not only safeguards the barfi’s authenticity and purity, but it also raises its national profile. Tiranga Barfi continues to thrill palates across the country, serving as a poignant reminder of India’s path to freedom and the resilient spirit of its people.