Trunativ Teams Up with Frozen Bottle to Introduce Nourishing Milk Shake Choices

Trunativ, a renowned wellness brand, has entered into a partnership with Frozen Bottle, a popular milkshake brand, to offer a range of healthy milkshakes. This collaboration aims to provide consumers with an indulgent yet nutritious option to satisfy their cravings. Trunativ’s ‘Everyday Protein’ is a versatile and family-friendly product that seamlessly complements various food and beverage choices without compromising on taste and flavour. As part of this exciting collaboration, Frozen Bottle now presents an ‘Everyday Protein’ add-on option with its entire shake menu. This means customers can enjoy their favourite milkshakes, such as the delectable brownie shake, with an additional 15g of protein, all without compromising the taste they love. Moreover, to enhance the milkshake offerings further, the two brands have jointly launched an exclusive “Frozen Bottle x TruNativ” range of high-protein milkshake options. Mr. Pranav Malhotra, the Founder of Trunativ, expressed his delight about joining forces with Frozen Bottle, which has emerged as a premium go-to choice for milkshakes in the country. Frozen Bottle has previously collaborated with esteemed brands like Kitkat, Cadbury, and Sunfeast, integrating their offerings into their menu. This partnership with Trunativ reaffirms the increasing consumer demand for healthier alternatives to snacking and indulgence. Brands are recognizing this need and proactively catering to it. Trunativ has a successful track record of collaborating and co-creating high-protein product ranges with various brands, such as Nova Nova, MyFitness Peanut Butter, Ditch the Guilt Chocolates, and Italy in a Box. Their “Everyday Protein” has gained immense popularity as the top choice for protein supplementation among both brands and families. With the combined expertise of Trunativ and Frozen Bottle, consumers can now savour delicious milkshakes while also making a healthier choice with the added benefits of protein. This partnership exemplifies the growing trend of health-conscious snacking and marks a significant step forward in the quest to provide nutritious options without compromising on taste and enjoyment.