The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf India launch new ice blended creations

Embracing the season of love and the vibrant hues of spring, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf India has unveiled three new limited-edition ice blended drinks. Crafted with passion, each sip of these beverages is a celebration of love, togetherness, and the blossoming spirit of spring.

In a nod to innovation, the brand has added unique twists to classic favorites, promising a delightful experience that tantalizes taste buds and creates moments of joy and togetherness. These new ice blended creations will be available at all The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf cafes from February 5 to April 29, 2024.

Hazelnut Mocha Ice Blended: A decadent blend of rich chocolate and the velvety essence of hazelnut seamlessly combines with the signature Espresso shot, crafted from the top 1% of Arabica beans. This nutty treat offers both indulgence and refreshment.

Strawberry Cheesecake Pure Ice Blended: Capturing the essence of strawberries and cream, this non-caffeinated delight brings together the fresh, authentic flavors of strawberries and creamy milk. Light, smooth, and tailored for the season, it promises a delightful experience.

Mango Cheesecake Pure Ice Blended: Indulge in the simple pleasures of spring with this light and luscious treat. The Mango Cheesecake Pure Ice Blended® combines the vibrant tropical flavors of mango with creamy milk, offering a refreshing and delightful experience for you and your loved ones.