Starbucks Unveils Exclusive Whiskey Barrel-Aged Guatemala Cold Brew at Reserve Store in Mumbai

Tata Starbucks introduces a distinctive offering, the limited-edition Whiskey Barrel-Aged Guatemala Cold Brew, available exclusively at its reserve store in Mumbai. This unique beverage is a testament to the fusion of profound coffee expertise with the legacy of a renowned Kentucky distillery.

Crafted using an exceptional lot of Guatemalan green coffee beans, the barrel-aged coffee undergoes a meticulous aging process in Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey barrels. Regular hand-rotation ensures that the coffee interacts with the oak barrels, absorbing their sweetness and oak essence, resulting in an elegant and smooth beverage.

Upon reaching peak flavor, the coffee beans are carefully removed from the barrels and roasted by Starbucks master roasters. While the roasting process eliminates any remaining alcohol, the whiskey and barrel flavors persist, contributing to the roasted coffee’s aroma and taste. This intricate process yields a cup that transcends its individual components, offering a harmonious blend of mellow sweetness, chocolate notes, hints of stone fruit, and a rich oak aura.

Mr. Sushant Dash, CEO of Tata Starbucks, expressed enthusiasm about the Whiskey Barrel-Aged Guatemala Cold Brew, stating, “Our Whiskey Barrel-Aged Guatemala Cold Brew truly celebrates innovation in the specialty coffee space and our commitment to bringing unique coffee experiences. This coffee is the first of its kind to be launched in India for a limited period.” Exclusive to the Starbucks Reserve at Fort, Mumbai, this limited-time offering invites coffee enthusiasts to partake in an extraordinary experience, blending craftsmanship, flavor, and a shared passion for exceptional beverages.