Service providers told to adhere with labelling norms for food in flights

The food regulator has asked service providers to adhere with the labelling requirements for prepared food being served in flights/trains and other moving

vehicles. According to FSSAI, such Food Business Operators are required to follow the FSS (Labelling and Display) Regulations, 2020.

FSSAI has also asked the FBOs to follow the 2022 order wherein it was mandatory to declare FSSAI licence on cash memo/bills of the food products. The FSSAI has directed the flight operators to make passengers aware of the licence number of caterer, manufacturers and flight operators (airlines).

FSSAI has further specified that basic details in case of prepared food such as name of the caterer, FSSAI licence number, date and time of packaging, and use by date and time shall be ensured on the packaging along with other details as applicable as per labelling and display regulations.