Samosa Singh expands internationally amid increased demand for Indian snacks

With their samosas, Samosa Singh aims to popularise Indian snacks all over the world. Following a fruitful debut and push into physical locations (QSR), the company is now preparing to take its samosas global. The core production plant is expanding in order to keep up with the high demand for products across the world. This manufacturing plant will be cutting-edge, with automation, best-in-class industry practises, and certifications.

They have formed a strategic partnership with a D2C powerhouse to gain access to the export market, where samosas and Indian munchies are popular. The increasing demand for Indian snacks among tourists is evidence that the industry would expand rapidly in the next years. The rise of Indian snacks abroad is strongly supported by the trends of global consumption.

Samosa Singh founder Shikar Veer Singh says, “Nidhi and I have seen it all and crossed our front frontiers as we look at the future with bright eyes. From a working couple to entrepreneurs- from a single outlet to multi-city status, from selling a samosa sold to 50 million pieces, and from a two-member team to a fired-up team of 180 youngsters.

“Samosa Singh is on a mission to dominate the Indian snack industry. Samosa Singh co-founder Nidhi Singh says, “Our passion for samosas and our fierce pride in the Indian street food ethos push us every day to create a worldwide place for the rich and diverse street cuisine of our country. Established by a scientific couple with the goal of spreading the modest samosa over the world. Due to many b2b firms shutting down during Covid, their revenue nearly completely dried up; nonetheless, they kept going and are currently working to create a multimillion-dollar, lucrative company empire.

With this move, the business hopes to become one of the modern start-ups to penetrate the Indian traditional snacking food export market and see a 10x sales increase within the next 12 months.