Ruby chocolate chips get launched for the baking sector

Ruby chocolate, the pink and fruity-tasting chocolate created by Barry Callebaut, is being introduced in baking chips. The new baking chips, part of the chocolate ingredient leader’s Intense Indulgence portfolio, make the rose-coloured chocolate available to different kinds of manufacturers and consumers, the company said.

According to Barry Callebaut’s 2023 Top Chocolate Trends report, people want their chocolate to feel fun and adventurous. When Ruby Chocolate was launched in 2017, Barry Callebaut hailed it as an answer to consumers’ desire for “hedonistic indulgence.” The trendy colour and unique taste, texture, and smell quickly made it a hit in the countries where it launched.

Ruby chocolate has had a bit of a slower entry because of FDA labelling rules. Regulators at first would not allow it to be labelled “chocolate” because it did not meet the legal definitions of the confection, so it was called “ruby cacao”. Later that year, the FDA allowed up to 60 million pounds of the sweet to be labelled “ruby chocolate”. A final labelling rule allowing the pink candy to be called chocolate is pending.

In the four years it’s been sold, ruby chocolate has slowly appeared in several upscale confectionery categories, from premium chocolate brands to more expensive ice cream treats. Barry Callebaut said it has been working to make ruby chocolate solutions available to all kinds of manufacturers who use chocolate. The chocolate giant has introduced different ruby chocolate ingredients for confectioners and ice cream makers, but this addition targets the bakery sector. Ruby chocolate isn’t ubiquitous yet, but these new chips could get it there. The product makes chocolate more accessible for a wide variety of baked goods.

The sweet baked goods category has also seen growth across the board, according to statistics from the analysts formerly known as IRI, now known as Circana. Doughnuts, pastries, coffee and crumb cakes, brownies, and bars all saw sales increases of more than 7% in the 52 weeks prior to March 30, 2022, Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery reported. Separate statistics from the firm showed cookie sales increased 7.7% in the 52 weeks prior to Sept. 4, 2022.