PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay debuts bite-sized versions of its popular snacks

Frito-Lay has introduced bite-sized versions of its popular Doritos, Cheetos, and SunChips snacks. The PepsiCo division’s Frito-Lay Minis are packaged in easy-to-pour canisters. The company said the packaging makes the snacks more conducive to sharing with friends or eating on the go.

Mini versions of snacks and sodas have become a popular way for shoppers to consume an indulgent product they enjoy while watching their intake of out-of-favor ingredients like sugar and salt.

The new Minis of Doritos, Cheetos, and SunChips are smaller versions of the snacks in a canister. The resealable packaging is portable and easy to close if it’s not consumed in one sitting. It also allows people to have smaller versions of their favourite treats, an attractive proposition if they are looking to watch how much they eat when they want something salty.

Even with Frito-Lay’s commanding presence in salty snacks, the PepsiCo division is looking for innovative ways to retain its market-leading position. While the segment can grow through launching a new brand or making an acquisition, oftentimes it comes from tweaking an existing product.

The new bite-sized snacks come in a variety of flavours and options: Doritos in Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch; Cheetos in Cheddar and Flamin’ Hot; and SunChips in Harvest Cheddar and Garden Salsa.

Smaller serving sizes for sodas and snacks have been popular for years, but they have seen a surge in innovation recently as shoppers look to eat healthier. For food and beverage makers, the tiny portions help keep people engaged with the brand and benefit the company’s bottom line through fatter profit margins.