PepsiCo India adds a fiery twist to Kurkure with the launch of Kurkure Sizzlin’ Hot

In a move to tantalize the taste buds of spice enthusiasts, PepsiCo India has expanded its beloved snack brand, Kurkure, by introducing Kurkure Sizzlin’ Hot. This latest flavor addition draws inspiration from the globally acclaimed Flamin’ Hot platform and promises an exceptional and irresistible flavour experience by combining the essence of ‘chilli ka tadka’ with Kurkure’s signature crunch.

Kurkure Sizzlin’ Hot packs a fiery punch with roasted red chilli, delivering a lingering heat sensation with each bite, perfectly complementing Kurkure’s chatpata crunch. This flavor innovation is poised to awaken the senses and create an exhilarating taste adventure.

The introduction of Kurkure Sizzlin’ Hot builds upon the success of the Sizzlin’ Hot range with Lay’s and Doritos in India. This exciting addition to the Kurkure family is a response to the growing consumer preference for spicy and salty snacks in the country, with ‘chilli’ emerging as a top flavour choice in the category. Embracing this trend, Kurkure Sizzlin’ Hot promises an unforgettable taste experience with long-lasting sensational heat.

Ms. Aastha Bhasin, Category Lead for Kurkure at PepsiCo India, expressed her enthusiasm about the launch, stating, the launch of Kurkure Sizzlin’ Hot is a testament to our commitment to continually innovate and provide Indian consumers with the most flavorful snacking experiences. As a brand that celebrates the use of spices, our latest offering pays homage to the extreme teekha (spicy) lovers of India. The all-new Kurkure Sizzlin’ Hot really packs a punch and offers everything the Indian consumer craves for. Get ready for the ultimate ‘teekha’ experience that brings a sensational hit of chilli with Kurkure’s chatpata crunch!

Kurkure Sizzlin’ Hot is now available at INR 10 and INR 20 at leading retail and e-commerce outlets across India, with INR 5 packs available in select regions. The launch will be complemented by a television commercial (TVC) and an extensive 360- degree marketing campaign, ensuring that spice lovers across the nation are aware of this fiery addition to the Kurkure lineup.