Parle Agro Introduces ‘Mini Frooti’ Targeting Low-Income Households

Parle Agro’s iconic beverage brand, Frooti, has unveiled a new offering named “Mini Frooti,” featuring a compact 65-ml pack priced at Rs 5. Departing from its traditional triangular packaging, the new Mini Frooti adopts a rectangular shape while retaining the affordability synonymous with the brand.

Accompanying the launch is a vibrant campaign titled “Too Much Fun,” featuring Bollywood star Alia Bhatt. While the introduction of Mini Frooti has sparked discussions about sachetization, Parle Agro’s Head of Marketing & International Business, Ankit Kapoor, views it as a strategic approach to cater to the vast market of value-seeking consumers, particularly within the low-income segments of India.

Kapoor emphasizes the significance of the Rs 5 price point, noting its appeal to teens and kids in smaller towns where over 70% of Indians reside. He highlights the brand’s commitment to serving this demographic with accessible yet satisfying beverage options.

The Frooti portfolio now encompasses a range of pack sizes, including Rs. 5 and Rs. 10 carton packs, along with PET bottles in various sizes. Kapoor underscores the role of the Rs. 5 pack in expanding Frooti’s reach, especially in urban areas, where it is poised to become a popular post-snack dessert for schoolchildren.

Parle Agro’s strategy of offering small servings at lower price points extends beyond Frooti to other products like Smoodh, its flavoured milk range. Kapoor attributes these initiatives to extensive consumer research, which underscores the importance of affordability for households with modest incomes.

While many brands opt for premiumization amid inflationary pressures, Parle Agro remains committed to delivering value driven propositions. The collaboration with Alia Bhatt in the Mini Frooti campaign reinforces the brand’s association with fun and freshness, targeting a diverse audience, including schoolchildren, with its nostalgic appeal and delightful taste.