NAFED Introduces Bharat Brand Rice to Tackle Rising Prices: Available in 5-kg and 10-kg Packs

The National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED) has announced the upcoming sale of rice under the Bharat brand, packaged in convenient 5-kg and 10-kg packs.

This initiative aims to address the escalating prices of rice in the open market, following the successful efforts with wheat flour and chana dal. Currently, high-quality rice is being sold at exorbitant prices ranging from ₹75-90/kg in various markets, prompting NAFED to intervene with competitively priced options.

Under this initiative, both boiled and raw rice will be offered at a fixed rate of ₹29/kg, significantly lower than prevailing market rates. Mr. R. Punnaiappan from the Koyambedu Wholesale Food Grains Merchant Association highlighted the disparity between wholesale and retail rice prices, attributing it to factors like old stock and alleged exports of paddy to neighbouring countries.

NAFED’s strategy involves selling directly to consumers through small autorickshaws, vans, railway stations, bus termini, and Kendriya Bhandar stores, ensuring accessibility.

NAFED’s decision to introduce 5-kg bags of wheat flour in response to customer demand underscores its commitment to catering to consumer needs. Additionally, the inclusion of farmers’ producers’ organizations in the distribution process aims to support local communities.

As consumers demand transparency, suggestions have been made for NAFED to offer different grades of rice, including Basmati, and provide comprehensive details about the products. This move not only addresses immediate market challenges but also reflects a broader commitment to consumer welfare and market stability.