Mysore Pak: The Sweet Delight That Conquered the World of Street Food

Mysore Pak, the delectable dessert believed to have originated in the royal kitchens of Mysore Palace, has won the hearts of not only Kannadigas but also people from across South India. This iconic sweet has recently earned global recognition, finding its place in the prestigious list of the world’s best street food sweets by Taste Atlas. Ranked as the 14th best street food sweet, Mysore Pak proudly stands alongside other Indian delicacies such as Falooda and Kulfi Falooda in this esteemed collection. Taste Atlas, a renowned food based magazine, is known for providing detailed reviews and information on street food offerings from around the world. What makes Mysore Pak so special and irresistible? The answer lies in its simplicity and the perfect blend of just three ingredients: ghee, sugar, and gram flour. This classic combination results in a mouthwatering treat that has stood the test of time, garnering adoration from generations of dessert lovers. The announcement of Mysore Pak’s inclusion in the world’s top 50 street sweets was met with enthusiasm and pride, especially among Kannadigas. The Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr. D.K. Shivakumar, took to social media to express his joy and celebrate this remarkable achievement. He tweeted, “Kannadigas are proud that Mysore Pak has been ranked 14th among the world’s top 50 street sweets published by Taste Atlas. My childhood memories of sharing Mysore Pak when my father and relatives who came home often brought me still.” However, despite its name suggesting an origin in Karnataka’s Mysore, there exists a theory claiming that Mysore Pak might have been first created in Tamil Nadu and later made its way to Mysore. Nonetheless, Mr. Shivakumar strongly asserted that Mysore Pak undoubtedly belongs to Karnataka. He emphasized the hard work and skill of countless chefs behind this culinary marvel, tracing its roots back to the Mysore Palace and its journey to becoming a cherished treat in households everywhere. Indeed, credit is due to all those who have contributed to the popularity and love Mysore Pak enjoys today.