Mother’s Recipe introduces a nostalgic treat for the summer season: Summerwala Sharbat

Mother’s Recipe, the renowned Indian food brand, proudly announces the launch of its latest offering, Summerwala Sharbat. With a commitment to instilling nostalgia in its consumers, the brand aims to revive the joy of indulging in refreshing sherbets during the scorching summer months. In Indian households, the preparation of sharbat is more than just a culinary practice; it’s a time-honoured tradition passed down through generations. Often shared by grandmothers who impart their special recipes, sharbat holds a significant place in familial gatherings, particularly when welcoming guests. Beyond its delicious taste, sharbat symbolizes hospitality and serves as a cultural emblem in India, fostering closer bonds within families and communities.

Understanding the importance of this cultural tradition, Mother’s Recipe introduces a diverse range of five tantalizing flavours: Mango Panna, Rose Sharbat, Jeera Masala, Khus Syrup, and Lemon Ginger. As temperatures soar, staying cool and hydrated becomes paramount, and these sharbats offer a delightful solution. Additionally, ingredients like Khus, Lemon, and Rose not only refresh but also confer various health benefits, including improved digestion and cooling effects. Served chilled and versatile in application, Summerwala Sharbat can be garnished with mint leaves, lemon slices, or transformed into exquisite mocktails or faloodas, catering to diverse preferences and occasions.