Mother Dairy Launches Buffalo Milk in Delhi-NCR at Rs. 70 per Litre

Mother Dairy is introducing buffalo milk in the Delhi-NCR market with a competitive pricing strategy set at Rs. 70 per litre. The Managing Director, Manish Bandlish, revealed the company’s plans to tap into this new market segment, aiming to establish it as a Rs. 500 crore brands by March of the upcoming year.

Currently supplying 35–36 lakh litres of milk daily in the Delhi-NCR region and 45–47 lakh litres across India, Mother Dairy’s buffalo milk variant is anticipated to start with a supply ranging from 50,000 to 75,000 litres per day. Bandlish has ambitious growth targets, aiming to reach 2 lakh litres per day by March 2025.

Highlighting the increasing demand for high-fat milk, the buffalo milk variant boasts a 6.5% fat content and 9% Solid Not Fat (SNF), offering a creamier texture and a rich taste profile. Additionally, the new variant will feature the A2 protein. Mother Dairy plans to expand the availability of the buffalo milk variant to Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Maharashtra in the coming months.