Maverick & Farmer Coffee Introduces Innovative Vegan Coffee Selections

Maverick & Farmer Coffee, the artisanal farm-to-cup coffee brand, is unveiling a collection of vegan coffee innovations designed to delight taste buds. In celebration of Veganuary, the brand is showcasing a diverse range of creative brews crafted for both vegans and non-vegans.

Customers can visit the cafes to experience these unique beverages. Among the vegan options, the Toasted Almond Oat Milk Latte blends rich espresso with velvety oat milk infused with the nutty essence of toasted almonds, providing a perfect morning indulgence. Another offering is the renowned Maverick Mazagran, a cold-brewed coffee infused with lemon zest and mint, delivering a refreshing citrusy kick. For those seeking a fizzy twist, the Coffee Kombucha combines tangy Kombucha with bold espresso, creating a gut-friendly, energy-boosting elixir. The Espresso Cinnamontini, a decadent latte, blends creamy espresso, cinnamon-infused milk, and a touch of honey for a warm and comforting pick-me-up in a mug, perfect for a cozy afternoon.

Lastly, the ‘Spresso Citron offers a zesty explosion of citrus coffee and chocolate. With tart grapefruit and lemon notes, the robust bitterness of espresso, and the sweetness of chocolate, this drink provides a surprisingly delightful and invigorating twist on the classic espresso.