Kellogg’s Introduces Tempting Chocolate Muesli to Morning Menu

Kellogg’s, the leading breakfast cereal giant in India, has unveiled its latest breakfast sensation: Kellogg’s Chocolate Muesli. With the catchy tagline “Mmmmuesli,” this new addition to Kellogg’s portfolio promises an irresistible blend of rich, indulgent chocolate fused with the goodness of various grains, complemented by an array of inclusions such as fruits, nuts, and seeds.

The launch of Kellogg’s Chocolate Muesli is accompanied by an extensive multimedia marketing campaign crafted by Ogilvy, embracing a 360-degree approach. This

campaign spans across multiple platforms, including television, outdoor advertising, digital avenues like YouTube, and various social media channels. A heartwarming TV commercial features a delightful breakfast moment between a father and his teenage daughter as they savour Kellogg’s Chocolate Muesli, with the tagline echoing their sentiments: “Mmmmmmmm.”

Mr. Vinay Subramanyam, Senior Director of Marketing at Kellogg South Asia, shared insights about this delectable addition, stating, “We recognize that taste is a crucial factor in our daily food choices. Kellogg’s Chocolate Muesli undoubtedly stands out as the most delicious muesli you can enjoy. It’s a delightful blend of multigrains, fruits, nuts, seeds, and chocolate, beautifully baked to perfection, astonishingly crunchy, and equally delightful as a breakfast option or a dessert accompaniment. Sometimes, true pleasure cannot be adequately described, which is why our proposition is simply expressed as ‘Mmmmuesli.’”

Kellogg’s Chocolate Muesli will be available in two convenient packaging options: a 75g trial pack priced at Rs. 60 and a larger 450-grams family pack priced at Rs. 360. This launch underscores Kellogg’s ongoing commitment to offering diverse, nutritious, and delightful breakfast choices. Mr. Rohit Devgun, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy India, shed light on the creative inspiration behind the campaign, saying, chocolate in a breakfast bowl isn’t ordinary, so why should the response to it be ordinary?

That’s precisely what our campaign captures. This rich, chocolatey delight doesn’t just make your taste buds say ‘mmmmmm,’ it makes them exclaim ‘mmmmmuesli.’ It’s an idea that transcends mediums, offering a unique sensory expression for a truly distinctive breakfast product.