India’s first naturally brewed hard seltzer now available in Hyderabad

Spyk Hard Seltzer, India’s first brewed hard seltzer, has now launched in Hyderabad following its successful launch in Bengaluru. It is a low-calorie, low-carb, and 100% natural fruit flavours beverage with a solid 5.5% alcohol content.

Unlike other seltzers that are carbonated cocktail mixes, it is freshly brewed, giving it a crisp, refreshing taste that is shockingly light and guilt-free. It’s arrival in Hyderabad is a testament to the brand’s growing popularity among the country’s young, health-conscious consumers.

The city, known for its vibrant nightlife and youthful population, it’s an ideal market for innovative and millennial-focused product. With its expansion to Hyderabad, it is poised to tap into a new customer base and build on its success in Bengaluru.

Mr. Vimal Chand, CEO & Co-Founder of V9 Seltzer Works, the company behind Spyk, said, we saw the immense potential for a truly millennial product and are thrilled to announce the launch of Spyk in Hyderabad and to introduce Hard Seltzer to the city. With summer just around the corner, we believe there’s no better time to bring this refreshing and light drink to Hyderabad. The beer market here is massive, and we see immense potential for seltzers to take off as well with the right education.

Mr. Vamsi Krishna, CMO & Co-Founder of Spyk Hard Seltzer, said, we see Spyk as a disruptor & market leader in the hard seltzer space. We aim to give social drinking a new face, one that aligns with someone that works hard & plays hard, a drink that fits everyone’s lifestyle choices.

At Spyk, we are confident that we can become the market leader in this segment and offer Hyderabadis a new, exciting alternative to beat the heat.