Havmor Inaugurates Havfunn Ice Cream Parlour in Nadiad, Gujarat

Havmor, a renowned ice cream brand under Lotte Wellfood Co. Ltd., has opened its inaugural Havfunn Ice Cream parlour in Nadiad, Gujarat. This marks the 54th Havfunn outlet in Gujarat and the 234th across India, solidifying Havmor’s position as one of the country’s largest and most cherished ice cream brands.

The new Havfunn parlour in Nadiad aims to strengthen the brand’s connection with consumers in Gujarat, offering a warm and enjoyable environment for memorable outings with family and friends. Havfunn Parlours provide a delightful experience, featuring an enticing variety of scoops, cakes, sundaes, and shakes, establishing itself as the preferred ice cream destination in the region. The spacious store, covering 495 square feet, ensures ample seating for customers to relish their favorite treats in a comfortable setting.

This launch aligns with Havmor’s ambitious growth plans for 2024, focusing on expanding its footprint and providing opportunities for consumers and potential franchisees alike. The brand’s commitment to using 100% milk remains a key selling point, contributing to the rich and delectable foundation of its exceptional ice creams.