FSSAI seeks comment on manual of methods for microbiological examination of food & water

FSSAI has released a manual of methods of analysis for microbiological examination of food and water and sought comments from the stakeholders. The manual also contains general requirement for microbiological laboratories, which prescribes equipment, reference culture, and good microbiological practices amongst other. A total of 23 methods were included for the analysis of food and 17 methods of analysis for water.

FSSAI has issued a notice in this regard and said that the manuals have been approved by the Scientific Panel on Methods of Sampling and Analysis during. And before theses manuals are finalised, the comments, views, suggestions of the stakeholders are solicited. Comments/Suggestions would be taken into consideration as are furnished with supporting scientific evidence, reads the notice issued by the FSSAI.

According to the FSSAI, the manual prescribes general requirements and guidance for handling, maintenance, performance check and calibration/validation of equipment used in the food microbiology laboratory for conducting the microbiological examinations, to help achieve homogeneous results in different laboratories.

When conducting microbiological examinations, it is especially important that working environment shall be free from contamination and only those microorganisms which are present in the samples are isolated and enumerated. To achieve this, it is necessary to choose the correct equipment for food microbiology examination, reads FSSAI’s statement on manual of methods.