FSSAI replaces standards for atta, resultant atta through food additives norms

The food authority has replaced the standards for wheat flour (atta) and resultant wheat flour (resultant atta) through the Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Second Amendment Regulations, 2023, which shall come into force from September 1, 2023.

According to the notified regulations “Wheat Flour (Atta)” means the product obtained exclusively by milling or grinding of clean wheat, and “Resultant Wheat Flour (Resultant Atta)” means the product obtained by blending of various fractions in roller mills after separating semolina or maida during the processing of wheat.

The regulations also specify the parameters for the wheat flour (atta) or resultant wheat flour (resultant atta) which include moisture, % by mass, not more than 14.0, total ash, % by mass (on dry basis), not more than 2.0, ash insoluble in dilute HCL, % on dry mass basis, not more than 0.15, gluten, % on dry mass basis, not less than 6.0, alcoholic acidity (with 90 per cent alcohol) expressed as H2SO4, % on dry mass basis, not more than 0.18, crude fibre, % on dry mass basis, not more than 2.5, granularity not less than 98 per cent by mass of that material shall pass through 500 micron I.S. sieve (35 mesh) and uric acid (not more than) 100 mg/kg.

The regulation also lays down that the parameter ‘Granularity’ shall not be applicable for intermediate products which are not meant for direct consumption.