FSSAI Launches Survey on Milk & Milk Products Across 766 Districts Across India

In a significant move to combat adulteration and ensure food safety, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has initiated a nationwide surveillance study on milk and milk products. This comprehensive survey, set to continue until October, will span a remarkable 766 districts across India, with over 10,000 samples scheduled for collection. FSSAI aims to deliver its comprehensive report to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare by December.

Mr. Satyen K Panda, Advisor (Quality Assurance) at FSSAI, revealed, the surveillance survey will cover 766 districts across the country, and over 10,000 samples will be collected during the exercise. Two agencies have been engaged for the purpose. The survey is being conducted with the assistance of the Quality Council of India, an autonomous body under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and the National Dairy Development Board.

The scope of this ambitious survey encompasses a wide range of milk and milk products, including milk, khoa, chenna, paneer, ghee, butter, curd, and ice cream. The study will examine various parameters such as adulterants, normal quality and compositional parameters, contaminants, antibiotic residues, and microbiological indicators.

The primary objectives of the survey are to assess compliance with Food Safety and Standards Regulations among milk and milk product providers and to pinpoint hotspots for adulteration. Additionally, the study seeks to formulate corrective action strategies to address any issues uncovered during the survey. Mr. Panda emphasized the importance of this survey, stating, Milk plays an indispensable role in food culture, either as a fresh fluid or as a processed dairy product. He expressed optimism about submitting the survey findings to the health ministry by December.

This initiative follows a series of surveys conducted by FSSAI in the past, including a 2022 survey that covered 12 states, including those affected by Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD). In 2020, FSSAI conducted the PAN India Milk Products Survey to evaluate the safety and quality of milk products during festivals. In total, 2,801 milk product samples from both organized and unorganized sectors were collected from 542 districts across the nation and subjected to rigorous testing for quality and safety parameters, including pesticide residues, heavy metals, crop contaminants, and melamine. The ongoing survey on milk and milk products underscores FSSAI’s commitment to ensuring the purity and safety of essential food items for the citizens of India. It is a significant step forward in safeguarding the nation’s food supply chain and enhancing public health.