FSSAI issues guidelines for sampling of Fortified Rice, FRK, VMP for FRK

FSSAI has issued guidelines for sampling of fortified rice (FR), fortified rice kernels (FRK) and vitamin mineral premix for FRK, as approved by the Scientific Panel on Sampling.

The food authority’s order says that these guidelines may be implemented either by Government food control authorities or by professionals themselves (in form of self inspection) and will act as a supplementary document in addition to the prevailing FSS Act, rules and regulations. According to FSSAI, the guidelines will ensure drawal of representative samples by enforcing officials.

The prescribed methods of sampling are designed to ensure that fair and valid sampling procedures are used, when FRK, FR & VMP for FRK are being tested for compliance with a particular commodity standard.

The guidelines are applicable for the determination of heterogeneously distributed fortificants, undesirable substances, contaminants and parameters usually homogeneously distributed as those used to assess quality or compliance with specification.

The guidelines also define and prescribe sampling methods for primary, bulk, laboratory, random, homogenization, legal and surveillance samples.