FSSAI issues FAQs on application for Vegan Logo endorsement

The FSSAI has issued a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on application for vegan logo endorsement in order to placate queries of the food businesses involved in manufacturing of such products.

The food authority has stated that the products which are not required to apply for vegan endorsement include products which are vegan by default like raw agricultural

commodities viz. Rice, cereals and pulses, oil seeds, dry fruits and so on. Agriculture commodities which are minimally processed without any addition of other ingredients viz.

Oil, wheat flour and raw agriculture/ horticulture commodities singly or mixed without any addition of other ingredients.

For registration, same product with multiple variants and two or more different products from the same firm, a separate application for each variant/product needs to be submitted and the same shall not be considered under single application. Also, if there is any change in only design of Front of the Pack, the FBO need not resubmit the application.

Further FSSAI has said that, as long as there is no change in the product ingredient, additives and processing aids (addition of new ingredients, additives and processing aids or removal of existing ingredients, additives and processing aids) the FBO need not resubmit the revised documents/ labels each time for only change in quantification of the ingredients.

For vegan endorsement having multiple manufacturing units, the food authority has stated that the vegan logo endorsement is given for the applied product for particular manufacturing site. Hence, in case of multiple manufacturing facility for single product, the retailer/marketer must apply with separate application for each manufacturing site.

And, to get vegan logo endorsement, if the product is approved, the Food Business Operator is required to submit the approval letter (Form-B) to the concerned licensing authority through FoSCoS (Food Safety Compliance System) for endorsement of the vegan logo on the product applied.