FSSAI issues draft on standards of Mead, Craft Beer, Indian Liquor, Country Liquor

The food authority has issued a draft notification on Food Safety and Standards (Alcoholic Beverages) Amendment Regulations, 2023, related to standards of mead (honey wine), craft beer, Indian liquors and definition of low alcoholic beverages/ RTD, wine-based beverages and country liquors.

Under these regulations, the FSSAI has defined the “Ready-to-drink/ Low alcoholic beverages”, which shall be low alcoholic, flavoured beverages having more than 0.5 to 8.0% of alcohol ABV.

The draft lays down, made from spirit or the mixture of: spirit or any alcoholic beverage other than wine and beer as base by adding natural/nature identical/artificial flavours and/or food additives permitted under the FSS (FPS&FA) Regulations 2011; and/or fruit/vegetable juice with or without added sugar/salt and with or without carbonation.

In case of carbonated ready-to-drink (RTD) /low alcoholic beverages, they shall be carbonated with carbon dioxide. However, the carbonated RTD /low alcoholic beverages shall have a minimum of one volume of carbon dioxide.

The draft added that it shall conform to the requirements as prescribed under these regulations. The FSSAI has asked the stakeholders to send their comments on the draft to the food authority.