FSSAI Directs Immediate Adoption of Approved Manuals for Tea, Coffee, Chicory, Fish, & Fish Products Analysis

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued a directive to all laboratories, urging them to utilize the approved manual of methods of analysis for tea, coffee, and chicory, effective immediately. Additionally, laboratories are required to adopt the approved manual of methods of analysis for fish and fish products without delay. According to the FSSAI’s order, these manuals supersede the previously specified test methods for fish and fish products under the Manual of Methods of Analysis of Foods—Meat and Meat Products & Fish and Fish Products, as issued in Office Order No. 1-90/FSSAI/SP (MS&A)/2009 dated 09.01.2017.

Mr. Kamala Vardhana Rao, CEO of FSSAI, emphasized that these manuals are comprehensive guides that offer invaluable resources to food testing laboratories, researchers, quality control professionals, food technologists, and anyone involved in the analysis of tea, coffee, chicory, and fish and fish products.

The manual has been meticulously crafted to provide a wide range of analytical methods specifically tailored for tea, coffee, chicory, and fish and fish products. It encompasses various aspects of analysis as per FSSR, and the laboratories must use these testing methods exclusively for analyzing samples under the FSS Act 2006 and its associated rules. FSSAI anticipates that these approved manuals will act as catalysts for scientific advancements, ensuring quality assurance, and enhancing consumer safety in the food industry. By implementing standardized testing methods, the authority aims to maintain a high level of integrity in the evaluation of these products, thus promoting consumer confidence and trust.