FSSAI and Central Armed Police Forces to sign Mou for promotion of millet

Sh. Sudhansh Pant, Secretary of the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Chairperson, FSSAI, said that there is a need to emphasise preventive health care in the country and for this, necessary changes in the diet should be made is most essential. Pant described Sri Anna as a good alternative. He advised that it would be a good initiative to have some shops offering Shree Anna-based dishes in the healthy and hygienic food streets which are being upgraded across the country by the MoHFW. Sudhansh Pant, Secretary, MoHFW and Chairperson, FSSAI, termed the growing awareness about Shri Anna in the country as the Shri Anna revolution and called upon everyone to make their contribution to this revolution.

Mentioning the MoU signed between the FSSAI and the Ministry of Defense, Pant said that just as healthy recipes have been prepared for the brave soldiers protecting the country, similarly, MoU may be signed with other ministries and Central Armed Police Forces. Through this, Shree Anna-based food can be introduced to the plates of more and more people. He said that people can be made aware of the health and nutritional benefits of Shree Anna through other means.