Danone Joins Global Methane Hub for Major Methane Emission Reduction Initiative

Danone has announced a strategic partnership with the Global Methane Hub (GMH) to address and reduce methane emissions in the agricultural sector. Taking a leading role in the fight against enteric methane, Danone is set to become the inaugural corporate funder of the Enteric Fermentation Research and Development (R&D) Accelerator. This accelerator, described as the largest globally coordinated research effort on enteric methane, is facilitated by GMH and backed by a coalition of philanthropic organizations and governments.

With an impressive $200 million in funding already secured, the Enteric Fermentation R&D Accelerator aims to revolutionize the approach to enteric methane reduction. The funds will be dedicated to pioneering research and innovative solutions designed to be both scalable and practical for livestock farmers. The focus will center on mitigating enteric fermentation, the digestive process of ruminant livestock known to produce methane emissions. Research endeavours within the accelerator will encompass a spectrum of strategies, including the exploration of methane reduction through feed additives, advancements in plant and animal genetics, the development of methane vaccines, and the creation of accessible and affordable measurement technologies. The collaboration between Danone and GMH underscores a shared commitment to driving tangible change in the agricultural industry, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change by addressing methane emissions at their source.