Clear Premium Water launches its ‘Nu’ brand in India

Clear Premium Water has made a significant announcement on the launch of its natural mineral water brand ‘Nu by Clear’ in India. Nu, positioned as a premium offering by Clear Premium Water, is a range of natural mineral water, bottled at the source, boasting the goodness of natural mineral compositions such as calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium, fluorides, sodium, chlorides, potassium, nitrates, and alkalinity of 7.70 ±.

What truly distinguishes this brand is its exceptional approach to encapsulating the essence of the Himalayas – bringing the very elements from the ‘roof of the world’ right to your taste buds. A truly distinctive concept for the Indian market, featuring four captivating designs across the range, all designed to transport you directly to the heart of the mountains.

Nu is poised to delight a discerning clientele encompassing upscale dining establishments, luxurious hotels, trendy cafes, renowned restaurants, exclusive clubs, airports, and more across Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Gujarat, and Uttar Pradesh. It will soon be expanding the product, pan-India. This premium experience does come with a higher price point compared to the other bottled mineral water options in India. The company’s strategic objective behind launching the Nu brand is to offer a diverse range of products to cater to a broader audience within the elite segment.

Mr. Nayan Shah, Founder & CEO, the driving force behind Clear Premium Water, expressed, in the wake of the post-Covid era, it has become evident that people are increasingly gravitating towards healthier lifestyle choices. Simultaneously, there has been a notable surge in spending within this particular sector.