Capital Food Igniting Flavours in the ‘Desi Chinese’ Cuisine Market

Capital Foods, which manufactures brands like Ching’s Secret and Smith & Jones, has set the stage for a vibrant culinary revolution. With its dominant presence in the ‘Desi Chinese’ food market, the company is spicing up palates across India. As it continues to reshape the gastronomic landscape, other industry giants like Nestle, ITC, Hindustan Unilever, and Tata Consumer Products have expressed keen interest in this Mumbai based enterprise.

Driving this zeal is the exceptional success of Ching’s Schezwan Chutney, a staple that has captured a whopping 90% market share. Capital Foods aims to extend its influence into the spice and noodles domains, building on its triumphs with an eye for innovation.

Reports indicate that Nestle India Ltd. and ITC Ltd. are at the forefront of contenders vying for the acquisition of Capital Foods. This strategic move could potentially value the company between INR 4,000 crore and INR 5,000 crore, solidifying its reputation as a dynamic player in the food industry.

The allure of Capital Foods lies in its flagship brands, Ching’s Secret and Smith & Jones. Ching’s Secret specializes in crafting chutneys, instant soups, Chinese spices, sauces, and noodles that resonate with the ‘Indian Chinese’ culinary sensibility. On the other hand, Smith & Jones excels in offerings like pasta mixes, pizza ketchup, and cooking pastes.

Mr. Digbijoy Chakraborty, the General Manager of Marketing at Capital Foods, notes that Ching’s Schezwan Chutney made a groundbreaking impact by introducing the novel ‘Desi Chinese’ flavor. The market was ready for an innovative addition, and the success of Ching’s Schezwan Chutney validated the approach. Chakraborty emphasizes that Ching’s started with this unique food category, setting the stage for the popularity of the Schezwan chutney. This breakthrough taste sensation resonated with consumers, leading to remarkable growth.

Capital Foods is venturing into the realm of OTT platforms, recognizing the shift in consumer behavior. The brand’s commitment to maintaining its quality and competitive edge has fortified its position, reflected in a consistent market share of around 90% in the ‘Desi Chinese’ category.

With innovative products like Ching’s Secret Dragon Fire Chutney, Ching’s Secret Sriracha Green Chilli Sauce, and Ching’s Secret Jain Schezwan Chutney, Capital Foods continues to weave a tapestry of flavours, enriching India’s culinary landscape.