Britannia Bel Foods Pvt. Ltd. launches the new brand range ‘Britannia The Laughing Cow’

The joint venture between Britannia Industries Ltd. and Bel Groupe, called Britannia Bel Foods Private Limited, has announced the new brand identity for their co-branded product range, ‘Britannia The Laughing Cow’. The updated logo will be integrated into all marketing communications, including packaging, online platforms, and in-store displays. The aim of the campaign is to capitalize on the consumer trend towards tasty and healthy snacking by offering a range of creamy cheese products that are high in protein. The CEO of Britannia Bel Foods, Mr. Abhishek Sinha, expressed the company’s commitment to developing the cheese category in India and addressing the protein intake deficiency among Indians. The new brand identity is expected to enhance the credibility of ‘Britannia The Laughing Cow’ and promote its nutritious and innovative product range. The campaign was developed by Havas Mumbai, and Mr. Tarun Jha, CEO of Havas Creative India, expressed excitement about partnering with Britannia and Bel Cheese on this journey. The marketing strategy for ‘Britannia The Laughing Cow’ will employ a comprehensive multi-touchpoint approach with a focus on digital platforms to reach the target audience. Additionally, the brand will prioritize retail branding to improve product visibility and drive purchase intent, considering that cheese products are often displayed inside refrigerators within stores. The joint venture aims to leverage the strengths of both Britannia and Bel Cheese to provide a range of delicious and nutritious cheese products that appeal to consumers in India.