Arunachal Pradesh to have a mini food park in West Siang District

Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister, Mr. Pema Khandu revealed plans for the establishment of a mini-food park in the West Siang District. The park will feature food processing units catering to all produce from the Siang Belt. CM, Khandu made this declaration during the closing ceremony of the Arunachal Pineapple Festival, held for the first time at Bagra as a community initiative in collaboration with the Arunachal Pradesh Marketing Board.

CM Khandu commended the All Bagra Welfare Society for conceptualizing the festival without relying on government funding. He expressed appreciation for the local residents’

efforts to highlight and revive pineapple cultivation in the region. The festival will now be an annual event organized by the state’s Department of Horticulture. Emphasizing on West Siang’s horticultural potential, CM Khandu assured the establishment of a mini food park in the district, equipped with food processing units to handle the entire Siang belt’s produce.

Bagra village, particularly Pushi Bango, has been cultivating pineapples on a large scale since 1950, supported by the first pineapple grower of the area, the late Tojo Bagra. The Pineapple Grower Association, formed in 1980, aimed to explore better marketing avenues, regulate prices, and establish a large-scale processing unit. Despite the establishment of a canning factory, sustainability proved challenging.

The Arunachal Pineapple Festival seeks to promote the cultivation of pineapple, orange, lemon, banana, and more in the area, with a target of at least 2000 to 5000 hectares. CM Khandu’s announcement reflects the government’s commitment to boosting agriculture and processing facilities in the region.