Amul Aims to Become World’s Largest Dairy, Already Exporting to Nearly 50 Countries

Amul is strengthening its position as the leading dairy brand globally. With an already impressive presence in nearly 50 countries, the company’s Managing Director, Mr. Jayen

Mehta, unveiled plans for extensive expansion and growth. Expanding its reach into rural areas, Amul has set a revenue target of Rs 80,000 crore by the end of this fiscal year, showcasing a robust commitment to empowering farmers and providing value-driven products to consumers. With a stronghold in the cheese market and plans for capacity enhancement, Amul is poised to reinforce its dominance.

He emphasized Amul’s relentless focus on competitive pricing and robust distribution networks, especially in rural regions. The company’s strategic approach includes catering to diverse consumer demands through value-for-money pricing and an array of product offerings.

The recent celebration of Amul’s golden jubilee saw Prime Minister Modi express his vision for the brand to expand globally and serve as a beacon of trust and development. Mehta echoed this sentiment, highlighting Amul’s deep-rooted connection with rural communities and its commitment to meeting high expectations.

Despite challenges such as fluctuating cocoa prices impacting certain product lines like chocolates, Amul remains optimistic, pledging to maintain competitive pricing while ensuring product quality and value. With a strong outlook for the future, Amul anticipates robust demand across both rural and urban markets. The company’s extensive product portfolio, coupled with its efficient distribution channels and communication strategies, positions it for continued success. As Amul marches towards its goal of becoming the world’s largest dairy, Mehta expressed gratitude for the brand’s widespread recognition and reiterated the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional products globally.