42000 cases filed against non-conformation of standards, Parliament told

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has told Parliament that around 42,000 cases were filed in 2022-2023 against protein powder & dietary supplements, related to non-conformation with the food safety standards. These cases include both civil and criminal charges.

In 2022-23, a total of 38,053 civil cases launched against non-confirming food samples (including protein powders & dietary supplements) while 4,817 criminal cases were launched during the same period. In 2021-22, the number of civil cases registered was 28,906 and 4,946 criminal cases were registered while 24,195 civil and 3,869 criminal cases were registered in the year 2020-21.

In reply to a question, the Minister for Health and Family Welfare has said, FSSAI, vide order dated 7th March 2023, has directed Commissioner of Food Safety of all States/UTs, Central Licensing Authorities and Regional Directors to carry out special enforcement drive for various nutraceutical/health supplements products sold in the market which are not in compliance with the provisions of the Act and the Rules and Regulations.

During the said enforcement drive, 1,326 samples were lifted across the country and 1,229 were sent to laboratories for testing. As per the reports received, 202 samples have been found non-compliant to respective food product standards and action has been taken as per the penal provisions under FSS Act. The statement by the minister added that samples of food items (including protein powder and dietary supplements) were drawn by State Food Safety Officers and sent to the laboratories recognised by FSSAI for analysis. In cases where samples were found to be non-conforming to the provisions of the Act and the Rules and Regulations made, recourse is taken to penal provisions under the FSS Act.