Japanese Food Giants, Ajinomoto & Meiji, Spearhead Inventory Management Initiatives to Combat Food Waste

Japanese food industry leaders Ajinomoto and Meiji are actively engaging in enhanced inventory management strategies to address food waste, aligning with the national Food Loss Reduction Declaration spearheaded by the Consumer Affairs Association (CAA). Over 100 businesses, including major players in the food and beverage sector, have pledged to minimize food loss and waste in their operations.

Meiji’s objective is to achieve a more than 50% reduction in domestic food business wastage by FY2025. This goal will be pursued through improved accuracy in product supply and demand, thereby reducing excess or defective products in inventory. Meiji has introduced new expiration date labels and an enhanced expiration date system as part of its efforts.

Ajinomoto is committed to a 50% reduction in food loss by enhancing production efficiency, strengthening demand forecasting, and updating best-before dates. The company plans to collaborate with consumers by providing recipes and information to optimize food product usage. Additionally, Ajinomoto aims to work closely with supply chain partners to maximize overall efficiency.

Mitsubishi Foods has set a target to reduce food waste generation by 50% by 2030. The company plans to leverage AI technology to enhance prediction and ingredient ordering functions, ensuring balanced inventory management. Collaboration with business partners is emphasized to minimize product returns, and surplus products are actively donated to food banks. The CAA is actively recruiting more Japanese food and beverage firms to participate in the Food Loss Reduction Declaration.

Retail outlets, including the prominent convenience store chain FamilyMart, are also part of the initiative. FamilyMart has set ambitious goals to reduce food waste by 50% in 2030 and 80% by 2050. The implementation of a Food Recycling Loop is a key strategy to reuse and recycle food waste, contributing to a sustainable approach throughout its value chain.